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" hang on, i'll get up when everything stops spinning, hang on"

so last night was one of a kind.
chris gets the good bestfriend award of like, all bestfriend awards for putting up with me. again.
& for singing 'the line' to me. trontonlakes.
here's to kyle for walking to my car with me so i wouldn't get hurt on the way there. and for thinking i have a baby bc keara's carseat is in the back of my car and for comparing me to brighid. which got him kicked outta my car. hah, can't wait to see him @ the show in rc. soo adorable!
they're two absolutes in life: great friends and vodka. thumbs UP to drinking with the plunket crew.
there's icecream all over my passanger seat and i'm not sure how it got there but it wasn't there saturday afternoon.
i don't know what happened after i left, but freak dancing by myself on the way back to the apt was pretty awful/amazing.
Stu and 3 boys were at the apt when I got back there. they were playing cards.
i ate two peices of bread w butter and layed in the bathroom for a while.
when i woke up, i found myself sprawled out across the bed with a half packed bowl on the stand next to me and my cell phone under my leg, naturally.

baby, it's game season
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