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I know a girl, right? Let me tell you about her...

when she was a really tiny girl she used to wear sundresses with bright pink snow boots in the summer and pet animals at the county fair.
she used to live on the lake, where she would walk to coffee shops and drink HOT tea in the summer, as well. she would always get home sweaty.
she does wild origional dances when she's in a happy mood.
she notices weirdo things about people.
she can be pretty nice.

and then the world got ahold of her.
she still wears snow boots with summer dresses, but she traded those coffee shops in for bars quite a while ago. HOT tea became the liqour that burned her insides and now she only dances when she lose's control.

she use to be a fun person to be around, but now even her closest friends are distancing themselves from her. he use to enjoy talking to her, now he dreads the news he's going to get at the end of the day.
"quit fucking up..it's not that hard," he tells her.
"you use to be someone who inspired me, someone I was proud of".
now she's just another hopeless cause he couldn't save.
you were suppose to SAVE ME FROM MYSELF
don't blame yourself boy, she was set to crash before she even took off.

she'll be okay, she always is. she always has been. and even though her own family and her closest friends can't stand to watch her anymore, she'll be okay. no help from them.
if anything..
she'll be okay just to proove them wrong.
she'll graduate. she'll go to college. she'll find someone who will love her for who she is -- flaws and all.
let them watch her as she doesn't self-destruct again.
and even though he probably won't stick around long enough to see the final results, she'll let him know.
she'll let him know how much he meant to her.
if it's not to late.

....don't look back, you'll fall.
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