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or you could be a jackass, whatever.

Dear ETA Records:

I hate you. I'm glad we're over. It was a tumultuous two months, I almost cracked under your abuse. But I survived. Let's hope the next Record Label I try and help doesn't take advantage of me like you did.

The girl who had to drive her little butt to Madison on a regular basis to do your stupid dirty work and run around from place to place picking up this and buying that, just to make you happy.

He makes me want to shoot myself in the head. Remind me again why I wanted to work for ETA?

I understand that you're pissed that I hooked up with Tyler, but boy, don't harass me about not doing every little thing you asked; I worked my ass off for you. I understand that you're frustrated and angry that kids didn't show up to the origional meeting, but did you ever think it wasn't due to my lack of recruiting, but their lack of interest?

People are jackasses. I love that I'm rude back. I'm not rude to everyone, but if you attack me and yell at me, I have every right to defend myself/yell back. I don't have to bend over and take it like I did when I first offered to help ETA (semi-metaphorically speaking...I feel that statement might be misconstrued by those of little intelligence).

See what Christmas does to people? It makes them nasty, ungrateful, and mean, AND they yell at tiny little girls like me and expect me to smile and say, "I understand" in return. I may be small, but I can yell a lot louder than you.
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